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For the past 7 years, The Efficient Office has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives streamline their work by creating efficient systems, getting control of their time, tasks and email, using technology to automate and mastering their own personal productivity so things run smoothly. As a result, they are able to concentrate more of their effort and time in their unique brilliance. These entrepreneurs and executives are working less, making more money and finally have time off to take care of themselves and be with those they love.

Mark Podolsky for The Efficient office

Christine Jones for The Efficient Office

Susan Orenstein for The Efficient Office

Ginny Allen for The Efficient Office

YellowWood Group

yellowTracey is incredibly talented and creative with finding solutions that work for each business owner’s individual situation. I expected frank talk, hard questions and doable solutions. The follow up was great. It made me feel like she was part of the solution, not just giving me a checklist to implement.

The real benefit was seeing what was broken and identifying the gap of responsibility. The additional benefit became telling me the truth about how a role in my business really needed to be managed. If you’re just looking for organizing, that’s OK, but Tracey’s gift is in infrastructure and flow.

Olalah Njenga,

Turning Leaf Solutions

logo-turningleafUpon a recommendation from a business acquaintance, I gave Tracey a call last year in hopes of gaining some insight into how to become more efficient and organized. As an Accountant, I am typically extremely organized… at least with our client’s and their businesses. However, the stacks of our company documents seemed to increase to overflow capacity every day. I knew what needed to be done, but just could not find the motivation to make it happen. After one meeting with Tracey, I was able to begin my new path to an organized office and better processes for our company. Her upbeat personality and the fact that she listened to me and tried to truly gain an understanding of our business, staffing, and processes, were extremely uplifting and positive.

As a small business owner, I found that I did not have someone in my corner advising me of areas to become more efficient, streamlining processes, or ways to make work less stressful for our staff. I did not have a boss to provide assurances and helpful hints… I needed someone to “tell me what to do”. With Tracey, I now have that. I call when things are getting out of control and I need a refresher or feel that a process that we are “stuck” in is not working. Our company is running much more smoothly, internally, since I began working with Tracey. I would recommend Tracey and The Efficient Office to anyone that needs that extra little push to get started on their path to being organized.

Tammy, Turning Leaf Solutions

Orenstein Solutions

As my practice grew, I felt it was harder to stay organized and on top of things. My Daytimer and post it notes just weren’t enough anymore.I used to feel so incompetent in the hi tech world, but now I actually embrace what technology has to offer. Tracey helped me set up systems and taught me shortcuts so now I can get so much more accomplished in a day. And Tracey makes it fun. I love her patience and positive attitude.

Any professional who runs their own office but doesn’t have time to go to business school or small business owners who need help improving their office efficiency should contact Tracey.

Orenstein Solutions

Flex-Pay Payroll Services

logo-flexpay“You don’t know what you don’t know” may be over used, but with Tracey, she helps you to know more than you ever thought you could know! Outlook provides a vast array of features for a business, but only if you know how to use all of its features. Tracey discovers where your needs are and provides training on the topics that will quickly make you more efficient. Training dollars well spent!

Elizabeth Honeycott, Regional Vice-President, Flex-Pay Payroll Solutions

Academic Development Group

logo-adgTracey is so wonderful to work with! She actually loves organizing all of my papers that I don’t know what to do with! She is so approachable and exceptionally knowledgeable on customizing a program to meet your needs. She takes the time to listen to what it is you need and creates a system that will work for you.

Tracey has gone above and beyond what I expected!On top of being a great organizer, Tracey is a great teacher. She has taught me how to organize so now I can sustain it for myself (with the occasional consulting session).

Anyone who owns their own business or just needs help organizing their home office should not think twice about hiring Tracey! She’s a gem!!

Teresa Molter, Founder/Owner, Academic Development Group

Fourie Insurance

logo-fourieWe hired Efficient Office because we felt our processes were stagnant and needed refreshing. We did not know what to expect but were more than pleased with the high level of expertise Tracy brought to helping us define our processes and create ways we could execute more efficiently.

The training on using Outlook to better keep up with my appointments, tasks and follow-up have been invaluable to our meeting the expectations of our clients in a more timely and efficient way.

Anyone who owns a business or has a demanding or complicated job should consider hiring Tracy. She has a unique way of teaching that is fun and instructive. I feel confident that I can tackle my pile of papers and tasks and not feel overwhelmed because I have a system that works.

Judy Fourie, Fourie Insurance

Club Z Tutoring

logo-clubzI decided I needed help when I spent more time looking for things than doing things. She did a wonderful job of helping me tame the paper monster and set up practical and easy to use systems to organize paper, email and finances. I now have a workable filing system for my papers and emails, as well as a better understanding of how to organize.

I would say that anyone who needs help putting things in order or feels overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” generated by business or personal responsibilities would benefit from Tracey’s expertise. She’s a pleasure to work with!

Teresa Robinson, Club Z Tutoring

JoySong Creations

logo-joysong-300x66I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar today and learned a ton! Have been getting in on another Outlook series and learned three times more in one session with you than I have in the six or eight sessions with the other company – not that their seminars are bad – your information was so much more practical to my application as a “solo-preneur.” Many thanks for the great class!

Joyce Anderson

Nipper Home Solutions

logo-nipperBusinesses can spend countless hours and dollars designing and implementing marketing plans, but if the foundation of the business is not organized and running smoothly, the results of these efforts will not be fully reaped. I found my business in this position and hired Tracey Gritz to help my business become more efficient. This was the best investment I have ever made in my business. Tracey listened and learned about my business and how it operated. Using this information, Tracey integrated her knowledge of technology and business office processes to help rid my business of outdated and inefficient procedures. She set my business on a course to run efficiently even when working remotely. As a result, there is less frustration, less time wasted allowing more time and energy to be spent charting the direction of my business. No matter the size of your business or how smoothly you may think your business is running, I guarantee that any business would benefit from hiring Tracey Gritz.

Rick Nipper, Nipper Home Solutions

The Land Geek, Real Estate Investing Expert

testimonial1My business year over year is up over 1100%. I own three successful companies and was trying to keep my head above water, was constantly checking email and was inefficient. I was so overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated. My wife and kids were not happy with me because I’d go home and I would still do more work. My stress level has gone from a 9.5 down to a 1. Now I have systems. I have automation. I have delegation. I have peace of mind. If you are at all overwhelmed or stressed out or on the verge of any kind of mental exhaustion, do yourself a favor, do your business a favor, do your personal life a favor, and hire Tracey.

Mark Podolsky