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Keynote Presentations That Rock!

You care about your audience and want to provide them with engaging content, practical takeaways and the most effective tools they can use to help them achieve their goals and be their very best.

Productivity and efficiency expert, Tracey Gritz, is a powerful presenter and trainer who will deliver immediate, impactful results for audience members. Her inspiring and thought provoking presentations are guaranteed to help your audience:

  • Increase their productivity
  • Impact the bottom line
  • Reduce chaos and stress
  • Feel more fulfilled in their work and personal lives

Tracey always customizes her presentations based on your specific challenges, messaging, or a theme you would like to incorporate. Below are just a couple of inspiring and content-rich keynotes from Tracey offers.

Productivity and Passion; A.L.I.G.N. Your Productivity with Your Passion to Become Unstoppable

Passion is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It motivates and inspires us to push past the uncomfortable, the unknown, and the difficult. It’s where we make a difference. It’s where we change the world. It’s where procrastination falls by the wayside and determination fills every cell of our body.

Unfortunately, our passion gets pushed down and is replaced with firefighting, feeling scattered, and spending very little time feeling like what we do matters. We are buried in email, have a never ending to-do list and far too many plates spinning in the air. We worry about what’s falling through the cracks, never feel like we have enough time, are stressed out and lose sleep. Burnout is often just around the corner.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this entertaining, motivating and content rich keynote you will:

  • Understand why traditional productivity doesn’t work and how to handle it
  • Learn the four things you must know to end the constant firefighting, halt overwhelm, and stop working 24/7
  • Learn the exact steps to spending time every day on the work that matters, so that you end the day feeling energized, not drained
  • Have a clear road map to restore balance with your family life while still being a super star in your career

The Productivity Lie; 3 Steps to Work Less, Achieve More and Live Fully

With traditional productivity we are led to believe that if we are productive, we will get more done, we will be more successful and we will be happy. But being more productive and managing our time so that we can get more done means exactly that. We are getting MORE done, and more done…but is our more bringing us closer to our dreams, vision and goals? Or is our more simply burning us out?

In this inspiring, motivating and content rich keynote you will:

  • Understand why traditional productivity doesn’t work and how to handle it
  • Learn the single goal that will make the greatest impact, so that you work less and accomplish more
  • Learn how to eliminate busy work and spend more time on the work that matters, ensuring you are achieving your goals
  • Leave work on time, leave work at work and have more personal time
  • Make sure your day is deliberate and purposeful, so that you are living by your design and not someone else’s.

For more information about Tracey’s keynotes, speaking seminars or consultation services, contact us today. Whether you need systems for your entire team or just for yourself, we are ready to help your business become less distracted and more productive. For more information, call us at (919) 618-4228 or Contact Us by email.