How to Plan Your Workweek in 4 Steps

Published By: Tracey Gritz
plan your workweek

plan your workweek

Have you ever looked at the clock and thought, “Where has the day gone?” You weren’t that productive, you didn’t make a dent in your most important work, and somehow you’ve added three things to your to-do list! By the end of the week, your entire schedule is messed up and nothing got done.

Suddenly, you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underqualified.

But you don’t have to feel that way! While most of our society puts a Badge of Honor on the people who work late into the night and who give up their personal time to “get one more project done,” you and I know that this isn’t how we have to live.

Many people know they can (and want to) schedule their time more effectively and be more productive while at work, but they just don’t know how. Because of my work helping others with this exact struggle, Forbes recently featured me in a piece about planning your workweek. In it, I give a few quick and dirty tips to getting your week planned and ready to roll in less than 30 minutes every week!

I think it will help you get on track for 2017, and it might help someone you know! Don’t be shy; share the love!

Have a great week!



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