The Antidote to Overwhelm

Published By: Tracey Gritz
Antidote to Overwhelm

Are you ready for The Antidote to Overwhelm and The Direct Route to Less Work and More Life? Check out this video (captions included).

Your priorities are not what you say they are. They are revealed by how you live. TWEET THAT!

Video Transcription:

Want to know the antidote to overwhelm and the most direct path to less work and more life? The key is aligning your time with your goals and priorities. Let’s face it – anything out of alignment is a complete waste of your time.

By doing only things that align with you, your goals, and your priorities, you will be rewarded with more life, more joy, and more fulfillment. You’ll also have more time because you’ll be saying “No” to everything that’s outside of that alignment.

This is the power of living and working in alignment. It is a game changer.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re driving a car that’s out of alignment. When it’s out of alignment, it creates wear and tear on the car; it uses more gas, more energy, and parts will break down eventually.

We are like that car. When we live out of alignment:

  • We have less energy because we’re constantly trying to force ourselves to go in a direction that we don’t want to go to.
  • It causes both physical and emotional wear and tear.
  • It fatigues us.
  • It frustrates us.
  • We live unfulfilled and overwhelmed.

The number one way and the most direct path to less work and more life is to say “No” to everything that is not in alignment with your goals, yourself, and your priorities.

What does NOT being in alignment look like? Complete overwhelm.

When you are saying “Yes” to way too many things, your important work, your meaningful work, the work that you are here to do gets watered down. It takes you a longer time to accomplish those tasks and, sometimes, they just don’t get done.

What does not being in alignment look like? A mediocre and unfulfilled life.

Nobody wants to live a less-than-full life, but many of us are. We become slaves to our To-Do List, our jobs, our crazy schedules. All of the things that really make a life great fall by the wayside when we are out of alignment.

What does being in alignment look like? Freedom.

Alignment looks like less work, more life, more contentment, more joy, and more fulfillment. Why? Because the things that you’re doing align with you. They feel good for you. They motivate you. They inspire you, and they help you make the world a better place. They make you a better person and everybody else around you a better person. That’s what alignment looks (and feels) like.

How do you live in alignment?

1. Be clear on what your goals and priorities are. Be clear on what your goals and priorities are. I’m going to caution you here; your priorities are not what you say they are. They are revealed by how you live. Look at your life and determine how you spend your time. Does how you spend your time align with your priorities? Get crystal clear on your priorities so you can begin to say “Yes” to anything and everything that’s in alignment and “No” to everything else.

 Again, once you are clear on your goals, you can begin to say “Yes” to anything and everything that’s in alignment and “No” to everything else.

2.  Ask yourself, “Is this 100% in alignment?” Why do I say 100%? I say that because your mind can play tricks on you. Let’s say a new project comes across your desk that might make you more money. It looks really cool and it is in alignment with your financial goals and/or your career goals. But what if that new project is going to compromise your personal life? Your life with your kids, with your loved ones, and with yourself?

Then it’s NOT 100% in alignment. Although it may increase your income or further your career, it’s going to compromise your personal life. If you’re compromising your personal life and your own personal values, there’s no joy or fulfillment, no matter how much money you have or where your success lives. It will just lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and discontentment.

3. Listen to your intuition. If something comes across your desk, somebody asks you to do something, or there’s something that seems like it might be in alignment with your goals, listen to what that little voice in your head says.

If everything looks great “on paper,” but there’s a small part of you that doesn’t feel comfortable, listen to that part. You will have to explore the situation more to see if it’s 100% in alignment. And if every part of your body is saying “No!” – it’s a no. Trust yourself. You are right. Your intuition is right. And most importantly, it’s OK to not accept everything that comes across your path.

4. Be ready to readjust. Sometimes, we misjudge a situation and find ourselves out of alignment. We could spend time beating ourselves up or we could get back up on that proverbial horse and work towards our alignment with the next decision. Every day presents opportunities to move yourself more into alignment. Are you listening to those opportunities when they arise?

I’d love to hear from you…

Where are you in OR out of alignment?

With love,


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