Meet Tracey Gritz, Business Productivity Expert

tracey gritz

Hello, dear friends!

To say that I have been a bit of a productivity junkie my whole life would be an understatement. Heck, one of my favorite past times as a little girl was ‘playing’ office. Even as a child I was intrigued by how things worked and how to make them work more efficiently.

But being the productivity junkie that I was didn’t mean I was immune to burnout! The fact was, I was so efficient that I just kept getting more….and more….and more accomplished. To the point of exhaustion. There I was, a productivity expert and yet the career I loved was burning me out. Sound familiar?

It took exhaustion, a very embarrassing client snafu, and a really tough personal situation (can you say “challenging teenagers”?) to tip me over the edge. I experienced my first ever, full blown panic attack! I’d never had one of those before and wow, was it a doozy! It woke me up. It changed my life and opened my eyes to a very important insight.

Traditional productivity is a recipe for disaster…there, I said it and I’ll keep saying it.

6 years ago, that hellacious, perfect storm that was my life, sent me on the incredible journey of discovering how traditional productivity has been failing us. I discovered that, with traditional productivity, we are led to believe that if we are productive, we will get more done…we will be more successful…and we will be more happy. NOT! I learned the hard way that this traditional way of looking at productivity will in fact allow you to be more productive and get more and more accomplished, but to what end?

Is your more getting you closer to your dreams? Your visions? Your goals? Or is your more simply burning you out? Unfortunately my more led to burnout and a panic attack. However, it also led me to a wonderfully holistic realization that I’d never considered before…

When productivity aligns with your vision and your goals, magic happens!

By aligning your productivity with your vision and goals…

  • You shift your mindset from reactive to proactive (a huge step for alleviating stress)
  • You become more focused and accomplish more in less time
  • You have more energy and end your day feeling as energized as when you started your day

But why is aligning your productivity with your vision and goals so important?

Because YOU are so important. Because YOU are a priority.

Because aligning productivity with your vision and goals will allow you to create a career you love, and live a life so delicious you’ll want to pinch yourself.

And most importantly, because the world needs what you do and you are the ONLY one that can do it in your very own unique way.

It was because of that hellacious, perfect storm that I decided to create change and challenge the way we view productivity, by creating my A.L.I.G.N.™ Productivity Method. I wanted to offer a method of productivity that created a more balanced, holistic approach to accomplishing goals and living the vision we all have for our lives.

Since creating and launching my A.L.I.G.N.™ Productivity Method, it’s the only way we roll here at The Efficient Office!

I appreciate you with all my heart and am so thankful to be a part of your journey.

Much love,