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I want to ensure my success by mastering my personal productivity, creating efficient systems & using technology to automate.

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I need to increase the efficiency of my personal productivity and current systems to support my team and the growth of the company.

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“Traditional productivity is a recipe for disaster… there, I said it and I’ll keep saying it.”


The traditional way of looking at productivity will allow you to be more productive and get more and more accomplished, but to what end? Is your more getting you closer to your dreams? Your visions? Your goals? Or is your more simply burning you out?

Tracey’s A.L.I.G.N.™ Productivity Method offers a method of productivity that creates a more balanced, holistic approach to accomplishing your goals and living the vision you have for your business and personal life.

Work with Tracey through personal consulting or as a student of Be Productive Academy and you will receive proven, step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate the ‘busy’ work so that you work less, accomplish your truly great work and have more time for yourself.

Success Stories

My business, year over year, is up over 1100%. If you are at all overwhelmed, stressed out or on the verge of any kind of mental exhaustion, do yourself a favor, do your business a favor, and hire Tracey.

I love her patience and positive attitude. Any professional who runs their own office but doesn’t have time to go to business school or small business owners who need help improving their office efficiency should contact Tracey.

The real benefit was seeing what was broken and identifying the gap of responsibility. The additional benefit became telling me the truth about how a role in my business really needed to be managed.. Tracey’s gift is in infrastructure and flow.

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